Iris Providence 

"You can hold a rock concert and that's OK. You can hold a ballet and that's OK. But don't hold a rock concert and advertise it as a ballet.” Warren Buffet


Iris Providence is a venture investment fund.
We are assembling a portfolio of forward thinking companies.

Bio of Pavel Grushin, The Founder  

Pavel is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and a technology enthusiast. Whilst at university he earned an apprenticeship with Royal Bank of Scotland Investment Banking and Capital Markets division to work with senior bankers in accumulating risk management data in compliance with Basel 3 regulations, this was an essential time to learn the ins and outs of the financial industry and the 4 pillars of financial accounting.

Up on clearance of his immigration status, he secured full time employment with Milamber Ventures PLC, a private equity with funds in technology, renewables and educational enterprises. Working on ID Solar Power, a renewable energy operator, with the first ever private wire plant in UAE as its flagship project , Pavel put together a business plan of building out a team to acquire PPA licensed, income producing solar farm's in the North of the UK. 

He was eager to develop a skill set that required higher risk tolerance, so with good fortune he secured an executive role at Ole Groups, a multi-country conglomerate in oil & gas, finance and entertainment. Pavel worked in the financial group in a number of companies, including, Ole Pay,  proprietary payment processing technology; 17 years in the market, Ole Hedge fund and Ole Ventures setting up the structure for UK"s office to to add value to global portfolio through partnerships and collaborations. Pavel’s willingness  to get stuck in the trenches was recognised by his fellow colleges earning him a stellar reputation as a loyal, intelligent and independent operator. At Ole we are open to all industries believing in technology as a force for good with a slight preference for the financial sector. The fund invests small amount’s of money and large amount’s of time and attention. Our portfolio includes RobinHood (7.6B$ valuation), Block.One (2.3B$ valuation), StyloPay, Ocular Compliance Tech and others. 

Pavel is a lifelong sports fanatic, representing his school at state level gymnastic competitions. He has played for FC Capitals at a number of international tournaments and captained UK’s Russian Football team to victory at the 2017 London’s Inner City World Cup before retiring.
He works closely with a number of charities close to his heart including CentrePoint and Bon Jardin.

Pavel achieved his BSc in Management with Finance from Queen Mary University of London where he was the founding president of the Russian Society hosting events with artists and famous media celebrities receiving international TV coverage. This followed a postgraduate degree at University of Cambridge, Wolfson College, only for postgrad’s famous for its debutant balls, secret societies and trivia pub crawls. An avid reader and speaker of 3 languages, since young age he attended hackathons learning the basics of coding making it a priority to understand technology.
Pavel currently serves as a postgraduate mentor on his university's start-up incubator. See further information on his career here or his pretty Instagram feed here.

Notable Mentions 

  • Iris Providence was a finalist at 2018 Tax Efficiency Awards by Investment Week, see official website here.   
  • Iris Providence is the 2019 winner of “Most Innovative Venture Investment Fund” by Wealth and Finance International, see press release here.