Iris Providence 

"You can hold a rock concert and that's OK. You can hold a ballet and that's OK. But don't hold a rock concert and advertise it as a ballet.” Warren Buffet


Iris Providence is a venture investment firm. We are assembling a portfolio of forward thinking companies.

Bio of Pavel Grushin, The Founder  

Pavel is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and a technology enthusiast. Whilst at university he secured a long term apprenticeship with Royal Bank of Scotland. This came during the 2012 technology crisis creating a need for work force across all of banks major accounting practises. Working in Investment Banking and Capital Markets division Pavel learned the skills and attitude required for an Investment Banker covering both institutional products and industrial transactions. His personal highlight is working with seniors bankers to implement newly introduced Basel 3 regulations.  

Up on clearance of his immigration status, he secured full time employment with Milamber Ventures PLC, a private equity with focus on income producing businesses with funds in technology, renewables and educational enterprises. Working on ID Solar Power, Pavel put together a business plan to acquire a portfolio of PPA licensed UK based solar assets including medium size solar farms and development sites with battery installation capabilities; this included putting together financial models with surveyors, building a team of analysts and presenting to co-investors of the first ever private wire plant in UAE. 

Eager to develop a skill set for higher risk tolerance, Pavel secured an executive role at Ole Groups, a conglomerate across oil & gas, finance and entertainment. Pavel worked in the financial group including Ole Hedge Fund, Ole Pay and Ole Ventures, setting up the structure for UK"s office. Pavel’s willingness to get stuck in the trenches was recognised by his fellow colleges earning him a stellar reputation as a loyal, intelligent and independent operator. With offices in 7 countries OLE looks for seed and Series A opportunities in growing geographies within thematic industries: FinTech (Financial Services, Insurance, Blockchain) Healthcare (Microbiome, Digital Therapeutics, Cannabis) and DeepTech (AI, Machine learning, IoT). The fund invests small amount’s of money and large amount’s of time. Our portfolio includes: Robinhood (7,6B$ valuation) Block.One (2.3B$ valuation), Omisego, StyloPay, Cuallex and others.

Pavel began his education at Moscow Economic School where his love for public speaking allowed him to miss classes in preparation for his performances at state level championships, which he went on to win with Vladimir Vusotkiy’s “He never came back from war”. Pavel achieved his BSc in Management with Econometrics from Queen Mary University of London followed by postgraduate degree from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. During university he attended hackathons learning the basics of code. He currently serves as a postgraduate mentor on his university's start-up incubator and is studying toward his legal qualifications from University of Pennsylvania.

Pavel is a lifelong football fanatic, whilst at school having trials at Fulham he went on to play for FC Capitals along with now Russian’s most famous football bloggers; 2Drots, before captaining UK’s Russian team to victory at the 2017 London’s Inner City World Cup, later retiring. To see further information on his career go here or follow his pretty Instagram feed here.

Notable Mentions 

  • Iris Providence was a finalist at 2018 Tax Efficiency Awards by Investment Week, see official website here.   
  • Iris Providence is the 2019 winner of “Most Innovative Venture Investment Fund” by Wealth and Finance International, see press release here.